Welcome to TheOilChemist.com, the culmination of an unexpected yet profoundly transformative journey. Our founder, a seasoned Pilates instructor, discovered the powerful benefits of essential oils in the heart of a personal crisis – the diagnosis of her son’s leukaemia. During their time in the hospital, a simple essential oil diffuser became a beacon of positivity, energy, and calm amid the chaos.

Inspired by this experience, she dived deep into the world of essential oils and aromatherapy. With a commitment to understanding the chemistry and healing powers of therapeutic oils, she retrained as an Essential Oil practitioner and Aromatherapist. Today, as an associate member of the International Federation of Aromatherapists, she brings not only a wealth of knowledge but also personal experience to her practice.

TheOilChemist.com is the manifestation of this journey. We believe in the power of nature’s remedies, sourcing only the highest quality essential oils to ensure maximum therapeutic benefits. From citrus oils for positive energy, lavenders for calm, to cbd products for appetite, skincare and comfort, every product we endorse carries a part of our story.

Join us in this exploration of holistic healing and discover the potent potential of essential oils and aromatherapy. Experience the transformative impact they can have on your life, as they did on ours.

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“ An empty lantern provides no light, Self care is the fuel that allows our light to shine brightly. “