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“Calm” roll-on, a blend of Geranium, Lavender and Ylang Ylang. The flowery and sedative blend of these leaves and flowers make for a deeply calming blend that has been shown to help you relax and sleep. 

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The flowery and sedative blend of these leave and flowers make for a deeply calming blend.

Geranium has that rosy, lemon aroma that comforts the heart through stressful times and is used to help situational anxiety and mild depression. Blended with the hypnotic combination of Ylang Ylang and Lavender you then have a mildly sedative elixir that helps you regulate your breathing and is known to usher in a good night´s rest.

Alone these essential oils are helpful, but when blended the synergy of these three oils really makes for an effective anti-anxiety health tool, that has the power to install a calm and effective mind space.

These essential oils are all carried in an organic fractionated coconut oil, that moves beautifully on the skin.

Apply to pulse points, behind the ears, back of the neck and back of the wrists. If you suffer with PMS this blend is also very effective when applied to the lower abdomen and lower back for relaxing muscle cramps and spasms.

Safe for use after the first trimester of pregnancy .


Fractionated Coconut oil (Cocos nucifera)

Geranium leaf oil (Pelargonuim graveolens var roseum)

Lavender flower oil (Lavandula angustifolia)

Ylang Ylang flower oil (Cananga odorata var genuina)

* Cruelty Free & Vegan

* No Palm Oil

* No Parabens or SLS

*  Only 100% organic therapeutic grade oils used *

Each roller bottle is bottled in the UK and has a 12 month shelf life after opening.
£12 GBP per 10ml bottle inc. P&P.

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Weight 50 g


6 reviews for “Calm” Roll-On

  1. Jackie H (verified owner)

    These are excellent products that I love using and have also gifted to friends. The customer service is impeccable and the delivery time very quick, in my experience. Kay really knows her stuff and her business is about putting people first!

  2. Kerry Anne

    Calm roll on oil is a lifesaver.
    Carry in your handbag and roll on if you start to encounter a stressful situation. Also fabulous at bedtime.
    Beautiful smell so can be used anywhere. Great packaging!!!

  3. Sylvia Shortis

    I have found Calm very good helping me to relax and sleep after the trauma of breaking my ankle reccently plus I love the smell. I really value Kay’s knowledge and trust her products plus recommendations.

  4. Helen van Ameyde

    The little bottle of magic was delivered quickly and efficiently. A delightful scent, a lovely bottle, clear instructions and it works – use it before going to bed and sleep like a baby !

  5. Hanne

    If you are reading this because you are in any doubt….. Don’t doubt! Calm oil is working great for a calm and peaceful night’s sleep. Bonus point: I dream so much more and can actually remember it 🙂

    • Kay

      Thank you Hanne. How wonderful to be having such deep sleep and dreams. I´m so pleased. Kay.x

  6. Abi (verified owner)

    I am in love with the Calm oil, instant tranquility with a heavenly scent which lingers so beautifully and deeply on my skin. Cannot recommend Kays magic potions highly enough and well impressed with the free and rapid delivery to Spain!

    • Kay

      Thank you for your order Abi. I am so pleased to be getting orders out to Europe within 3 or 4 days of ordering…not bad hey?Much love and joy your way. K.x

  7. Marie O´Leary

    I have always struggled with sleep and have tried so many different methods to try and help but nothing ever seemed to work. I recently got gifted the “calm” oil and I immediately noticed its calming effects, I am now able to fall asleep consistently every night which hasn’t happened for years. I highly recommend this product to anyone who struggles with sleep, or a restless mind as it really does what it says on the bottle.

    • Kay

      Thank you Marie. I am so happy to be able to make a difference as I know how hard you work and play! Getting off to sleep and getting a good night´s rest is vital to your health and well being. Kay.x

  8. Marcey

    I have recently been struggling with sleeping, and feeling stressed and anxious. Kay recommended the calm oil for me which I’ve been using for nearly 2 weeks now. It’s amazing – I fall asleep so quickly, and stay in such a deep sleep all night. The smell is also gorgeous, I couldn’t recommend this enough!

    • Kay

      Thank you for your glowing review . I am over the moon to be able to help and make a difference to your health Marcey. Kay.x

  9. Olivia Harrington

    The calm oil is working wonders for me as I have always struggled with falling asleep. The oil has helped me massively with its calming effects, especially after a hard day of studying. Can’t wait to try the Focus oil next! I would highly recommend this oil.

    • Kay

      Thank you Olivia for your glowing review. I am so happy it is helping you. Nothing like a good sleep to enable you to do well with your studies. ” Focus”could be on your Christmas list??? Much love, K.x

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