Stress Less and Calm Bundle

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“Stress Less” and “Calm” are a powerful duo.  Using them together means you will be able to negotiate many difficult personal situations feeling you have support.

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Using an instant hit of oils through an inhaler alongside topical application in the form of a roller ball, means you have instant and highly effective portable health tools at your fingertips.

“Stress Less” and “Calm”  are a powerful complementary pairing, and when used together means you will be able to negotiate many difficult personal situations feeling you have support. Sufferers of panic attacks, PTSD and anxiety know that episodes can come on quickly, so you need to have portable health tools on you without resorting to medications that can have side effects or become addictive.

To get maximum effect you can use them as a preventative measure before situations that you know may lead to discomfort.

“ Stress Less “ has 3 oils blended on a cotton wick inside the inhaler.

Bergamot is well documented in having immediate beneficial effects for those who suffer with situational anxiety, PTSD and mild panic attacks.

You can read more about this wonderful oil in our blog post – What is Bergamot?

Lavender is a probably the most well known of the relaxing oils we can use to instantly get a calming effect upon the body and mind.

Vetiver is that rich woodsy, almost smoky oil that is very grounding and feels like a big warm hug.
How to Use:
Place “ Stress Less”  Inhaler under one nostril and close the other.
Inhale slowly and deeply for the count of 5
Hold for 5
Exhale slowly and steadily for the count of 5.
You can use the Inhaler as many times per day as you need to but always replace the lid securely.
Use “ Calm” on your pulse points: behind your ears, back of the neck and back of the wrists. You can also apply liberally on the belly if you suffer from a nervous stomach and at night time for a wonderful deep sleep, on the soles of the feet. Bliss.

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1 review for Stress Less and Calm Bundle

  1. Jo

    I am loving my Calm roll on, finding it very calming. It is helping me to keep calm and soothing my ‘jangled’ nerves, whilst I am adjusting to a massive change in my working arrangements and increase in my workload due to COVID 19. An additional benefit that I had not anticipated is that I am sleeping better too. I can definitely recommend it.
    Kay and I discussed the specific issues I thought were the cause of my increased anxiety, she also created a bespoke inhaler with oils she felt would help and it certainly has.
    With a combination of these two products or using either on its own I feel much more like my usual self and able to cope much better with the uncertainties of the current situation/life.
    Products arrived quickly and well packaged.
    I cannot recommend highly enough Kay and The Oil Chemist service and products.


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