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What CBD Products Can You Legally Buy and Sell in the UK?


Are you intrigued by the mystery that surrounds CBD, also known as cannabidiol? Do you find yourself caught in the web of confusion about the legality of CBD products in the UK? As your trusted guide, let The OilChemist help you navigate this fascinating world.

Understanding CBD as Food Supplements

P: The first thing you need to understand is that not all CBD products are born equal in the eyes of the law. CBD items are permitted to be sold in the UK, but they must don the label of ‘food supplements’, not ‘medicines’. Does this leave you curious? Delve deeper into this world with a range of CBD food supplements available at The Real CBD.

The Importance of Novel Foods Applications

Don’t let the term ‘food supplements’ mislead you. It’s not a laissez-faire scenario where anything goes. The Food Standards Agency (FSA) set a significant deadline for UK CBD companies – 31st March 2021. By this date, they had to submit a Novel Foods Application for each of their products intended to remain on sale.

Submitting these applications is not a mere formality. These documents include details about product purity, safety, and toxicology studies. They ensure that every CBD product on the market is consistent, high-quality, and above all, safe for consumption. To explore such reliable and well-studied CBD supplements, check out The Real CBD.

What About Topical CBD Products?

But what about topical CBD products, like creams and cosmetics? While these are exempt from the Novel Foods Application, they must still align with rigorous cosmetics regulations. So, you can enjoy that CBD-infused face cream or bath bomb, knowing they’re held to high standards too!

Additional Resources for Your CBD Journey

The world of CBD in the UK is nuanced, but it’s not impenetrable. Stay informed, and you’ll be able to safely and confidently navigate the CBD marketplace. For more insights into CBD’s legal and health aspects, continue your journey with these resources:

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  2. “Understanding Novel Foods Applications” – Food Standards Agency
  3. “Medicinal use of cannabis based products and cannabinoids” – British Medical Journal

P: Embark on your CBD journey today, armed with knowledge and assurance. Stay tuned for more CBD insights as we continue exploring this intriguing world together.