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Kay The Oilchemist
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 by Maria
More than simply an aromatherapy massage

I initially had a facial with Kay which was so remarkably good that I booked an aromatherapy session immediately afterwards for a few weeks later. Usually I only have treatments once in a blue moon. Kay brings a great deal more to the table than an ability to do amazing massage therapy. She is intensely focussed and knowledgeable about which areas need attention and gives a brilliant insight into what you need holistically and why. If you are able to book a session with Kay you will be in the hands of one of the absolute best practitioners and will get advice that is acute and appropriate for your needs on top of the most restorative massage ever.

Bless you Maria. I am humbled by your kind words. Thank you so much for taking time to write them. K.x

 by Isabell
Amazing treatment

This incredible woman has a way about her that means that the massage is much more than a physical treatment. It was superbly relaxing but Kay is so intuitive and is able to read the body through her sensitivity and warmth as well as beautiful touch. Recommended to anyone but especially those going through a tough time who need a little tlc.

Dearest Isabell,What a joy to meet you and I truly appreciate your kind words. Thank you so much for taking time to write this wonderful review. Much love and light your way, K.x

 by Laureen
Aromatherapy Massage

Thank you Kay for the truly relaxing massage yesterday, I am still floating around, feeling the therapeutic effect.

I am so happy to read this Laureen. Thank you so much for taking time to post this. K.x

 by Kitty
So Healing!

I went to see Kay for an aromatherapy massage, but I got so much more. Her knowledge of the body, the breath and how to use the essential oils for my needs was incredible! Thank you so much for allowing me to start my healing process and teaching me so much. Kittyx

Thank you Kitty for your kind words. It was a joy to work with and share with you today. K.x

 by Emma

I first met Kay just before Christmas. I was exhausted, battling huge stress in every aspect of my life. She gently led me on an aromatic journey, blending bespoke oils that I never knew I needed but my body craved - all that from a whiff of a tiny bottle! The massage was life altering, she worked out all the knots physically and emotionally. I felt so calm and relaxed afterwards and I then had the ability to cope with the various stresses. I saw her again two weeks ago, a different blend of oils this time to enhance my now positive mindset. Kay is amazing!

Oh Emma, what a magical time we had together. Your breath is the key, so never forget to keep that deep abdominal breathing as it is the key to harnessing your healing and powers. Much love, K.x

 by Laura
Amazing aromatherapy massage

I recently had the pleasure of receiving an aromatherapy massage from Kay and it was truly a wonderful experience. The massage began with a consultation where I was able to choose my preferred essential oils and discuss my areas of concern. Kay was attentive and professional, making me feel comfortable throughout the session.

The massage itself was both relaxing and therapeutic, with the warm oils and gentle pressure relieving tension and easing sore muscles. The aroma of the oils filled the room and enhanced the experience, creating a calming and soothing atmosphere. I was able to completely unwind and let go of any stress or worries.

After the massage, I felt rejuvenated and refreshed, with a renewed sense of energy and clarity. The effects of the aromatherapy continued long after the session ended, leaving me feeling calm and centred for days to come.

Overall, I highly recommend an aromatherapy massage from Kay to anyone looking for a truly therapeutic and relaxing experience. It's a wonderful way to care for your body and mind and leave you feeling renewed and refreshed.

Thank you so much Laura, your kind words are a tonic to me. Hoping we meet again soon. K.