Stress Less Inhaler Duo


“Stress Less” inhalers are a powerful duo.  Using them means you will be able to negotiate many difficult personal situations feeling you have  instant support.

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Using an instant hit of  essential oils through an inhaler is the most direct way to affect the emotions through the limbic system.These Inhalers are so portable and give immediate help when administered.

“Stress Less” Inhaler is a powerful anti-anxiety blend that will be help you to negotiate many difficult personal situations . Sufferers of panic attacks, PTSD and anxiety know that episodes can come on quickly, so you need to have portable health tools at hand. They can help you whilst you wait for your medication to take effect, or better still you can use in place of more addictive alternatives.

To get maximum effect you can use them as a preventative measure before situations that you know may lead to discomfort.

“Stress Less” has 3 oils blended on a cotton wick inside the inhaler.

Bergamot is well documented in having immediate beneficial effects for those who suffer with situational anxiety, PTSD and mild panic attacks.

You can read more about this wonderful oil in our blog post – “What is Bergamot?”

Lavender is a probably the most well known of the relaxing oils we can use to instantly get a calming effect upon the body and mind.

Vetiver is that rich woodsy, almost smoky oil that is very grounding and feels like a big warm hug.
How to Use:
Place “ Stress Less”  Inhaler under one nostril and close the other.
Inhale slowly and deeply for the count of 5
Hold for 5
Exhale slowly and steadily for the count of 5.
You can use the Inhaler as many times per day as you need to but always replace the lid securely.
This Duo contains 2 Stress Less Inhalers.

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