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Tangerine Dream

Tangerine (Citrus Reticulata)

Like most people, and especially those who have a Mediterranean upbringing or heritage, the smell of orange blossom or sweet orange essential oil is an instant uplifting emotional  experience.
Tangerine is the immune boosting relation and the subtle sister of sweet orange and mandarin essential oils.
The high limonene content are what make it such a boost to the immune system and an Mie University ( Japan) study found that citrus fragrances not only boosted immunity but induced relaxation and reduced feelings of depression.
The Tangerine Vitality from Young Living has a dietary version created especially for ingestion. It has a limonene content of between 90-97% , Gamma-Terpinene of 0.3-3% and Myrcene 1-3 %.
In a diffuser up to 1 hour use at a time.
Inhale directly from the bottle or an inhaler/ smelling salts bottle.
Dilute with a carrier oil and apply on pulse points such as the wrists, around the  back of the neck and abdomen.
 *It is worthy to note that like many citrus oils there can be sun sensitivity, so not being exposed to direct sunlight for 24 hours is advised.*

Main image by Léonard Cotte on Unsplash

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