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A Blend Made with Men in Mind

A Blend Made with Men in Mind

As an aromatherapist I tend to find most of my clients are female. Most of my followers on social media are female too. Maybe that’s who I attract or maybe there are deeper underlying reasons?

Scent is one of our primary senses that has been a powerful ally both in our development as hunter gatherers and in procreation.

Our natural scent profile is released through pheromones . Pheromones are a chemical substance produced and released into the environment by an animal, especially a mammal or an insect, affecting the behaviour or physiology of the mate it is trying to attract or repel.

Both male and female pheromones play a very powerful role in our procreation as a species, and with the introduction of man-made scent we were able to change behaviour towards us. This for instance was a powerful ally in the Royal Courts of Louis XIV but of course was used by many earlier civilisations from the Eygptians onwards.

Thus without spending a long time going into the fascinating history of Aromatherapy or Perfumery, I go back to my initial question, why do we immediately think of essential oils being a predominantly female domain? Is it because when you breathe in essential oil molecules enter the limbic system in the brain and elicit an emotional response? Is it because when we think emotions we think of females rather than males?

I myself have been inspired by so many learned men who work with essential oils, such as Malte Hozzel, Jonathan Hinde and Robert Tisserand, to name but a few, and I know from my own experience that all the men in my family have benefited so greatly from the use of essential oils in the home and in hospital.

It is with the men in my life in mind that I have decided to create a roll-on for men – although I do love wearing it myself and I am sure it will be one of those “gender neutral scents”.

If the men in your life have not experienced essential oils topically for themselves, then this is a great starting point for them too.

Men need health support tools too! Having access to an inhaler or roll-on to improve mood or protect you from bugs and viruses, like our “Protection” Roll On, is really important for all genders. Never mind smelling great to boot!
This is why with the helpful noses and advice of the three main men in my life, I have blended “Atlas”.

“Atlas” is a spicy, grounding and sensual blend that can be reap health and scent benefits both day and night.
It is a blend of warming Cinnamon Leaf, spicy Black Pepper, grounding Atlas Cedar wood and sensual oils.
Whether you are buying it for yourself or gifting it to the men in your life, “Atlas” is one of the best ways to feel all the benefits and power of nature’s plants in one little portable bottle.

Click here to buy “Atlas” Roll-on.