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Quick And Easy Morning Routine

warm lemon morning routine

Carrying on from an earlier Instagram post about a new addition to my morning routine, I decided to use this space to look at what I do every morning.

The one element of my morning routine that has been consistent over the last 20 years or more, even when on holidays, living in hospital or overnight at a friends, is having a freshly squeezed lemon juice in warm water. Yes, as crazy as it may seem, I pack lemons if I know I cannot get hold of them easily!

I honestly attribute this one alkalising drink to being my saving grace when I know I’ve had too much acidic food or drink (that usually means red wine,) the night before. When I get compliments on my complexion and fine skin, I put it down to this lemon drink in a morning, as I have one of the least fussy skin routines you can imagine! I cannot put it down to genetics or my skin routine, which is basically rinsing with tap water and using a carrier oil with essential oils at night as a serum and in the day using any cream with an SPF of at least 30 in it. So not fussy or very product heavy at all!

The new addition to my routine now I am not getting children ready for school and then going straight to teaching classes back to back, is meditation.

Mindfulness mediation has been present in my life for many years since I started yoga in my early twenties, but just this last month I have been practising Transcendental Meditation every morning as soon as I awake.

Yes it’s a luxury in a way to have 20 minutes as soon as you get up, but I believe you can set your alarm that little bit earlier, or as you become more practiced , actually meditate as you are commuting into work- as Tom Hanks tells in some of his interviews. I haven’t got to  this stage of being able to meditate outside my own space yet and may be never will, but it is possible.  

However I’m sure Tom’s commute is in the back of a nice car rather than on public transport, but there are others who swear by using 20 minutes of their lunch hour to meditate and I bet there are folks out there who can meditate whilst commuting on the bus or underground.

The final part of my morning routine is to exercise. This can be 30 to 40 minutes of yoga, or 10 minutes on the trampete and 10 minutes weights, or if I have time, a bike ride or a long walk. It varies enormously but it is daily and always for at least 20 minutes.

So the whole shaboodle takes at the most 1 hour nowadays :

20 minutes meditation

Fresh Lemon drink

20-30 minutes exercise

For me it´s the best way to show self-care, to awaken with gratitude and to be present with how my mind and body are feeling each day.

I am sure you have your routine and rituals and isn’t it wonderful how they adapt a little yet remain such a fundamental part of our inner harmony and strength over the years?

Let me know what your morning rituals and routines are. It’ll be so good to hear from you.

Much love and light your way always,