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Epsom Salts with essential oils

We all have them.

Whether it is having the same breakfast , using the same cup for your tea or always having your coffee at 11am, we all have little rituals that make their appearance in our daily life.

Other uses for rituals ?

All meditative practice and or religious worship uses rituals.
This can be preparing the body through the physical asana (postures) in Yoga ready for dhasana (meditation).
It can be through song, dance and prayer.
It can be through changing the energy with scent… incense in churches, candles, or smudging with sage to clear stagnant energy and make way for higher vibrations.
It can be coming home from work ,kicking off your shoes and getting a glass of wine.
Whatever your rituals are, embrace them for what they bring to your day and to your life.

My rituals?

I have several, some have changed over time but the one I have held onto since I lived at home as a teenager with my parents, and still cherish to this day, is my bath-time with Espom salts and essential oils.

Over the years the quality of my oils has increased as I now understand what I am “buying into”. The Epsom salts used to be to ease my aching and bruised muscles from regional gymnastic training. Then it was for aches and pains as a dance student and then a professional dancer. As I age it has become a luxury time, a ritual I look forwards to to care for myself and heal from what the day has often thrown at me!

My all time go to oils are Lavendar and Ylang Ylang.
I tend to both gift and sell the Bath Salts in mason jars or honey jars when I have run out! These were gifts to my Pilates students for their loyalty and hard work in class.

500g of Epsom salts and your choice of Lavendar, Ylang Ylang or a blend of both. Remember I am always open to making you your own bespoke blend , so just let me know in the comments section of the order form.

You can buy the Epsom Salts with essential oils on my products page.

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