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VETIVER The Oil Of Tranquility

Vetiver grass and root

Become unshakably calm with the “Oil of tranquility”.

At the time of writing this, I can honestly say this is my favourite go to scent right now. I am using it daily to keep a calmness in these days of uncertainty (the world in is lockdown).

Vetiver is profoundly relaxing, with a rich, earthy, smoky, sweet scent. It’s aroma lasts longer than many essential oils, and is popular in natural perfumes and colognes.It does not want to come out of the bottle, so warm it well between your hands and be patient. It is a rich, thick oil and one drop goes a long way!

In India, some people use vetiver as a natural form of “air conditioning.” It’s woven into personal fans and grass window blinds, which are spritzed with water. When the hot breeze blows through, the vetiver cools the air and scents it with a sweet, earthy, relaxing aroma.

Use Vetiver essential oil to:
• Instill deep calm and optimism into your heart
• Soothe stress so your mind and body can relax at night
• Purify your skin for a radiant, glowing complexion

How Vetiver is made

Organically crafted vetiver essential oil is steam distilled (a patient and time-consuming process,) from the roots of grassy plants in the rainforests of India, where it’s known as the “oil of tranquility.” It is primarily a sesquiterpenol oil ( 21% plus) and has Khusimol and Isolvalencenol present too. It is known as a base oil and is very “grounding”.

Key Benefits and uses of Vetiver oil are:

• Calm stress for a sense of security during challenging times
• Relax the body and mind for deep, tranquil rest at night
• Naturally clean areas prone to collecting germs, molds, and fungi
• Soothe irritated, itchy skin (especially on the feet)
• Purify the skin for a clear, quiet, radiant complexion

Vetiver oil´s main uses are:

• Perfumes and colognes to encourage positive, serene feelings all day. It is an oil that men gravitate towards too when they use it or smell it on women.
• Bedtime bath salts to relax the mind and body at night
• Relaxation massage oils to help the body release tension
• Foot creams to cool and comfort hot, itchy skin

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