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Rosemary – A Popular Medicinal Herb

Rosemary medicinal herb and essential oil

The Rosemary plant has been a popular plant in our medicinal herb gardens for centuries. The fresh, aromatic fragrance of this perennial bush is unique in nature. Rosemary is the ‘conifer’ among the Lamiaceae family, uniting many of the properties of the needle-leaf oils with those of the flowering plants, making it a multiple healer with many…

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Improve concentration, memory and focus with “Focus”.

Shout out to josefin

In a few weeks time, students around the country will be gearing up (and stressing out) for mock A level exams. I am sure there are plenty of other countries where exams will be taking place too.To gain a competitive edge, many of them will turn to a simple yet popular method thought to improve…

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