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Take Time and Chill Out with Ylang Ylang, the ‘Flower of Flowers’

Ylang Ylang flower
The Oil

Ylang Ylang is sweet, heavy and sensuous. It has the sultriness of a perfume-laden tropical evening when the sun has gone but the heat of the day remains. To me after years of living in Southern Spain it reminds me of the intoxicating heavy scent La Dama de Noche ( Lady of the night )but to others it is reminiscent of a heavy evening Jasmine.

The Plant

Ylang Ylang(Cananga odorata) means ‘flower of flowers’, and although the plant is native to the Philippines and South East Asia it was introduced to Reunion, the Comoros Islands and the island of Nossi-Be (Madagascar), where it thrives in the volcanic soil. It is from Madagascar that most of the Ylang Ylang now comes. The trees are pollarded to prevent them from growing too high, so they can sometimes look a bit odd (see picture below).

Uses & Benefits

Use Ylang Ylang to help you to relax, and for sleep (if it is overthinking and anxiety that keeps you awake). It is a very sensual oil which can be used as a perfume, and you may also find it brings confidence and self-esteem, or perhaps as an antidote to depression or anger. Physiologically it is antispasmodic, it is the ‘go to’ oil for high blood pressure, and is one you could turn to for help with ADHD-type symptoms.

Ylang Ylang brings comfort to your soul. It brings peace and relaxation. It is one of the oils I use in “Calm” and when blended with lavender and geranium essential oils it is truly helping so many people of all ages who struggle with getting a good nights sleep.

The OilChemist’s ‘Calm’ Roll-on has Ylang Ylang in it’s blend. You can view the ‘Calm’ Roll-on by clicking on the image above, or clicking here.

ylang ylang plantation
Ylang Ylang plantation. The trees are pollarded to a height of about 2 metres.

Which Ylang Ylang oil to choose?

The “Complete” oil is probably your first choice as a therapist and essential oil lover. 
 Ylang Ylang is widely used in the perfume industry where specific  scents are required and they are ‘graded’,  for their subtly different aromas. These ‘grades’ are actually different fractions from the distillation process. The oil that comes first is called ‘extra’, followed by grades I, II, and III. When all the fractions are carefully blended back together, this is the ‘Complete’ oil. This is what we use during your aromatherapy treatments and in the “ Calm” blend.